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Christian Thibaudeau – The Neurotyping System Seminar

2-Day Neurotyping System Seminar

The 2-Day Neurotyping System Seminar is for coaches and fitness professionals who design and implement strength training programs and for anyone who wants to enhance their training results.

Though hormonal optimization has been a successful approach for training individualization, neural optimization supersedes it given that the neural response will affect the hormonal response, while the opposite is not true.

The bottom line is simple: you are more likely to train hard, be focused and stay motivated if you like the type of training you are doing, and a training that goes against your nature causes a greater stress response that hinders optimal progression.

This is essentially the founding principle and inspiration behind the concept of neurological profiling for training individualization which lead Christian Thibaudeau to the creation of Neurological and Physical Typing System.

The 2-Day Neurotyping System Seminar will provide you with the know-how to assess neurological type and apply the system to specific goals for short and long-term programming.

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Early bird price (until March 10th): 399,90 EUR
Regular price (from March 11th onward): 499,90 EUR

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Change completely the way you train yourself and your clients with this revolutionary system Christian has developed.


If you will attend the seminar you will receive the following add-ons:

• A Neurotyping test for free.
• An E-certificate of attendance.
• A significant discount on Thibarmy Online Neurotyping Certification (149,99$ USD instead of 894.99 USD).

*Please take note that everyone who will take the online certification will have access to more than 10 hours of video content. If you will pass all the quizzes and the final exam, you will receive a certificate of achievement by email (as opposed to certificate of attendance).

Contact for more information

Need help with accommodation? Send an email to Urska Kokelj at urska@vigor.si.

For additional payment information contact Klemen Štembal at klemen@vigor.si.

Foundation of the Neurotyping System

Section 1 – Introductory Principles

1.1 Introduction to Neurotyping
I. Neurological profile and individualization

1.2 Hormones: Sensitivity and Resistance
I. Sensitivity vs Resistance
II. Cortisol
a. Main functions
b. Impacts of acute vs chronic elevation
c. Impact on insulin sensitivity
III. Insulin
a. Complexity of insulin sensitivity

1.3 Neurotransmitters: Function and Contribution to Personality
I. Key neurotransmitters
II. Relation/Ratios between neurotransmitters
III. Excitatory vs inhibitory neurotransmitters

Section 2 – Understanding the Neurotype

2.1 The 5 Profiles by Neurotransmitter Dominance
I. Dopamine dominant profiles
a. Type 1A
b. Type 1B
II. Adrenalin dominant profiles
a. Type 2A
b. Type 2B
III. Serotonin dominant profile
a. Type 3

2.2 Profile Characteristics
I. Dominance and personality characteristics
II. Stress response by profile
III. Generic training and sports profile¸

2.3 Can You Change Your Profile?

2.4 Summarizing the Profiles

Section 3 – Client Evaluation

3.1 Introduction to the Neurotyping Assessment

3.2 Neurotyping Assessment Tools
I. First contact
II. Interview

3.3 Asking Questions

Section 4 – General Training Overview

4.1 Training Overview by Profile
I. Foundational principles
II. General overview by type

4.2 – Training Methods
I. Scale of neurological demands
II. Methods by category

Section 5 –Reviewing the Neurotype

5.1 The Impact of the Neurotype on Strength Training
I.Influence of the neurotransmitters
II.The neurotype and muscle fiber dominance

5.2 Training Principles by Neurotype
I.Profile characteristics Type 1A –Type 3

5.3 Methods by Neurotype

Section 6 -Building Sessions, Microcycles and Mesocycles

6.1 Building a Training Session
I.Training variables

6.2 Building a Microcycle
I.Best training splits for each type
II.Training block patterns
III.Training blocks

Section 7 -Preparation and Recovery Methods by Neurotype

7.1 Optimal Workout Preparation for Each Neurotype
I.Promote optimal physiological state
II.Promote optimal neurological state
III.Promote optimal psychological state

7.2 Optimal Recovery Methods for Each Neurotype
I.Neural charge training
II.The importance of recovery load sessions for maximizing progress
III.Recovery loads by neurotype

Section 8 -Training Disciplines by Neurotype

8.1 Adjusting Powerlifting for Each Neurotype

8.2 Adjusting Weightlifting for Each Neurotype Methods


*** When registering on the link above use a special PROMO CODE for extra discount >>> NEUROKINVITAL <<<